About me and my company

Take the picture you want.

Whether it's for you as a private person, entrepreneur or association, I help you with your image needs.
I perpetuates what is happening in your life.
When it happens happy, exciting and even annoying moments in life it is easier to leave to me to perpetuate it.
"Pictures for all times"
Already at that time when it was photographed with film, photo was a big part of my life.
The creation of images has always been important to me.
At that time, it was more about getting each frame to count than in today's digital world.
It's still the way I use when photographing. I had a hard time agreeing with the transition from analog to digital photography and photographed a long time with film and scanned the images into digital form.
I created my pictures in the camera and still do it.
My goal is to take the most beautiful, coolest and most memorable pictures that are possible.

"Every picture tells a story, let me tell you yours."

In my studio located in Torshälla, I help you get amazing pictures of what you want to remember.
Weddings, baptisms, funeral, portraits, fashion, advertising and anything else you can imagine.
There are ready-made packages for children, animals and pregnant photos in the studio at fixed preferential rates.
Everything can be customized to suit your wishes.
In order for you as a customer of mine to be satisfied with your pictures, I recommend a consultation meeting before the shoot so that together we find the style of pictures you want.
I have a fully equipped portable studio for eg. Events and company photo shoots.
It is always possible to bring your own props to all types of photo shoots.
Find current deals on Facebook and new photos on Instagram.
More info can be found on my pages.
You can always contact me if you have any questions.
I have photographed among other weddings in Torshälla, Eskilstuna, Strängnäs, mariefred, Västerås, Örebro and Stockholm.
Student pictures in Eskilstuna, Torshälla and Göteborg.
Documentation assignments in Gothenburg, Karlskrona, Kalmar, Västerås, Eskilstuna, Torshälla and Stockholm, among others.
I also take:
Injury photos, documentation of home, business and operations of insurance cases.

Business photo.

Are you looking for a photographer for pictures of products or staff for brochures, advertisements, posters, catalogues etc.
Package prices can be arranged on all assignments.

The Studio's address is Brogatan 20, Torshälla.
Call me on phone number 0704 374 374 for enquiries or reservation.



Some previous customers:

Holmbergs Åkeri AB

Beredo KB

Glamour Eyes And More


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