Prices 2019

No copying of copyright protected images.

Driving license, Visa and ID Photography

Drop-in time.

2 images included for 120.- 

For Home visits To The street of 150, the

Prints from your own memory card or mobile phone from 10.-St.

Portrait, children and animal photography

Standard Package at least 20 exp. on usb including PCs A3 printing on glossy paper semi-850:-

Standard Package at least 20 exp. on usb including PCs A3 + 2 x A4 printed on semi-gloss paper 990:-

Only basic editing is included.

For extra editing, regular price is added per hour.

Options only shooting per hour (no editing included) 850.-

If You fail or leave late for a scheduled visit without notifying me at least 24 hours in advance, a fixed fee of SEK 500 (invoice fee of SEK 50 will be added).
This can also be applied for free consultation or other booked free of charge.

Wedding, student and baptism photography

Wedding Package prices from 4700.-
Student package prices from 1200.-
Baptism package prices from 1200.-
Out, not in connection to the Studio 500:-
Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays after 6 pm. 16.00 500:-
Option 1 in the studio, per hour. Excluding any additions!! 850.-/hr
Option 2 out, different site, per hour. Excluding any additions!! 850.-/hr
Package price can be arranged. ——-
In some cases, a booking fee will be charged which is then deducted upon full payment.

Great Wedding Package

Full day including everything except travel and accommodation fees.
Preparations, ceremony, portraits and special occasions.
Including editing, USB or DVD with photos as well as a St 70×50 cm photo and 4 pcs 20×30 cm.
11 500.-


Black photo album with linen cover. SPIRALPÄRM in book covers.

Up to 25 ring-bound black pages.
Prices include Passepartout and assembly.
9×9 cm with black passepartout.
From 950.-
11, 5×11, 5 cm or 11, 5×16 cm with black passepartout.
From 1400.-

Secret Box 
from 1400.-

Transport costs

Locally, including the loading and unloading of car 500.-
5-10 km including the loading and unloading of car 750.-
10-20 km including the loading and unloading of car 1000.-

USB Memory 16 GB 130.-

Scanning & restoration of images.

scanning of negative 20.-st
scanning of pictures 20.-st
Editing basic from 80.-St
Restoration comprising 850.-/hour

Price List Pictures 2019

Size in cm Photo paper Standard Canvas 24 mm Kilram Photo paper 190g/m2 Affishpapper 180g/m2 Photo Paper Gallery
10×15 5.-        
13×18 40.-        
21×30 (A4)         80.-
30×30   350.- 120.- 99.-  
30×40   399.- 150.- 120.- 140.-
33×48 (A3 +)         190.-
40×40   450.- 170.- 130.-  
40×50   550.- 180.- 150.-  
50×70   750.- 270.- 199.-  
70×100   1190.- 420.- 300.-  
100×100   1495.- 520.- 360.-  
Digital images on CD/USB:
600 x 400 px, 72 dpi, 30.-st
900 x 600 px, 72 dpi, 70.-st
1500 x 1000 px, 72 dpi 180.-st
The original full-resolution image with rights. 480.-st

NOTE the cost of scanning or photographing is added

With me you can pay by cash, debit/credit card, swish and in some cases on invoice.